Rug “Spills”

We get many phone calls about rug “spills”.  Here’s what we recommend:

  • Do not rub a spill, as doing so will force it deeper into the rug.
  • Blot the spill with a clean white cloth.
  • Then …. Mix a very small amount of dish washing soap (not detergent) with about a cup of
  • Cold water.  Apply this mix slowly with a sponge type cloth, blot, and repeat.  End with clear water (do not saturate) and blot to dry.

Rug 101 Corner – Sprouting

This is the area to check as we’ll give general rug information.  The tip for this week involves something known as ‘sprouting’.  These are loose fibers and are a normal part of the break-in of a handmade rug.  The sprout can be snipped with a small pair of scissors, making them even with the pile.  Straighten, but do not pull the sprout.

Ideas for Summer

Summer’s coming and as you move outside to the porch and patio, we wonder if you’ve considered an outdoor rug?  It’s an inviting way to create a cozy space!  We have a variety of outdoor product, in every size and shape.